Doing Business the UN-Businesslike Way

Blog Title: Doing Business the Un-Businesslike Way

We live in a world of cold calls, automatic email subscriptions with every purchase, and formal networking events fraught with the frenzied collection of business cards.  We’re told that the “new, exciting” way to do business is really just the way we’ve always done business, but with higher confidence, savvier tactics, more pizzazz.

Ramit Sethi is a great resource for this type of business success.  In his blog, books, or workshops, advice can be found for scripting the perfect responses, handling negotiations, providing exactly the right amount of information at the right times.  And his success is proof that this style of business can and does work.

But what about those of us who don’t want to hardball our clients, or refuse to give pricing information until the last possible minute?  Those of us who see digging up someone’s personal information in order to contact a person we’ve never met as a violation of privacy rather than a sign of initiative?  Those of us with a loathing for the inevitable marketing emails that follow networking events and who don’t answer unknown numbers for fear of wasting valuable time on a sales call?

The new but still traditional method of business would indicate that those are flaws to overcome.  I disagree.  I believe there’s another way to do business.  Perhaps even plethoras of options to choose from.


My Top 13 Design Tools – Web and Graphic Design

Blog Title - the 13 websites and graphic design resources I use most often

I tend to be a bit overzealous when it comes to bookmarking anything that might possibly prove useful at some point in the future.  At one point I was scrolling through my “Design Resources” bookmarks and I realized the things I use frequently (every week or so) were buried in the pile.  So I made a new bookmarks folder for “frequent use” and only moved things over as they were used.

Here’s the links that made it into that list, by category:


Turning Down a Client – for Service Based Businesses

Blog Title - when to let a client go

In the world of small business, it can seem almost criminal to send away a potential customer.  And it can be all too tempting to accept work, any work, based on your financial needs rather than the project itself.  But there are times when it’s better for everyone, including the client, when you don’t.

5 Reasons to Turn Clients Away

1. Different Financial Needs

Setting prices is a daunting task in its own right, but how to handle customers that complain or haggle?  It depends.  If your price structure is flexible or you can cut costs in exchange for limiting services, you might be able to make it work.  But in a lot of these cases, attempting to work for an amount that won’t adequately cover your time and expenses will only foster resentment, which isn’t a healthy working environment.


Deanna Zions’ Art – Website Design Process

Blog Title - design process for Deanna Zions' Art website

At the risk of sounding cheesy, I am very excited to share this website with you!  Dianna Zions is a local artist and does some absolutely gorgeous things with antiques, cameos, and shadowboxes.  Being lucky enough to know her personally, I had a head start with the project.  For example: the color scheme was never anything but red, black and cream.

NCCCC Business Women’s Expo 2015 – a Networking Review

Blog Title - my review of the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce Business Women's Expo

Last month I attended the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce Business Women’s Expo (every time I have to type this I think “what a mouthful!”).  I’d attended before, but only as the employee of a vendor, so I hadn’t gotten to attend workshops.

My overall thoughts on the event?  Kinda neutral.

I’ll start with the good.

The Workshops

They were all based on TED talks, which was an interesting way to go but ensured that the topics were interesting.  The first went into depth on a topic mentioned in Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In: success vs likability (also in her TED talk, obviously).  Sandberg discusses how we subconsciously devalue successful women and the workshop described how to recognize some of those subconscious feelings and overcome them.  Fantastic workshop and excellent timing for me since I’ve been thinking and talking about this topic lately, anyway.

The 2nd workshop was also interesting – the speaker went into power postures and some of the science behind it.  I was amazed that not only does our hormonal balance change simply by standing or sitting differently, but it’s a significant percentage change!  Huge, huge physical changes from standing for just 2 minutes in what the workshop called “victory pose.”  Some of it is intuitive (looking confident will make you feel confident), but I highly recommend watching the TED talk for this.